Practice Areas

Our professionals provide specialist legal advice to public sector entities, private enterprises and individuals in all types of transactions with an impact on the public arena. We actively assist our clients developing and implementing strategies to maximize opportunities, minimize risks, and accomplish their strategic goals in all administrative and judicial review proceedings including actions of injunction, actions of unconstitutionality, administrative actions and filing appeals against decisions issued by the Public Administration. Our services include:

- Contentious-administrative proceedings.
- Administrative proceedings.
- Regulated activities’ permit application.
- Draft of reports and legal opinions.
- Negotiation and Contracts with the Public sector.
- Privatization issues.
- Investment according the Public-Private Development.
- Public Tenders.
- Expropriations and Seizures.
- Concessions to private firms of use and benefits of State properties.

Our current legislation demands extraordinary concern regarding environmental issues, thus, we wisely assist our clients in the projects and businesses that may have an environmental impact. Our services include not only advice from a legal and regulatory standpoint, but also comprises opinions of technical experts and engineers, in order to guarantee in-depth and comprehensive assistance. We actively advise on environmental liability issues, assist in the development and execution of environmental plans and obtain licenses, permissions and authorizations from municipal and governmental authorities. Some of the services we provide::

- Legal Due Diligence.
- Judicial Procedure related to environment matters.
- Obtaining permits and license.
- Environment Impact Evaluation.
- Administrative Concessions.
- Natural Space Protection and the limitations related to said regulation.
- Implementation and Functioning of the Full Service System of all type of residues.
- Regulatory Framework of Electricity, Oil, Gas and Natural Resources.
- Drafting and negotiation of exploration permits.
- Drafting of public tenders for oil and gas exploration.

We distinguish ourselves in this area by our ability to handle large and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions. Our professionals are highly regarded for their excellence, broad experience and versatility ensuring comprehensive advice in a full range of banking and finance transactions. We actively assist commercial banks, investment funds and financial entities in structuring their operations, negotiating contract’s conditions and obtaining of government entities’ approvals. Our deep knowledge in capital markets allow us to develop trend setting operations such as exchange of shares between high valued corporations in the national and international market. Please find below a few services that we provide in this practice area with no limitation:

- Assistance in project finance and financial leases.
- Single bank and syndicated loans.
- Opening of banks, subsidiaries or branches and acquisitions of existing entities.
- Project Finance.
- Setting up of bank’s representative offices.
- Public share offer and public debt securities.
- Mutual Funds.
- Pension Funds.
- Restructuration of Debts.
- Banks and capital markets’ regulatory matters.
- Trust Funds.
- Securitization.

Our Corporate and Commercial Law Department is considered one of the most prestigious and acclaimed in in our legal market. We assist medium and large companies as well as corporations and limited liabilities companies, national and international investment funds, and other institutions and individuals on almost every type of commercial transaction or corporate matter. Likewise, we have a recognized and deep experience in structuring local and international mergers and acquisitions. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of our professionals have earned the trust and loyalty of local and international clients. Our services include, with no limitation:

- Incorporation and structuring of companies, branches and businesses.
- Restructurings and spin-offs.
- Development of Corporate Governance.
- Shareholders Agreements.
- Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.
- Management of the Fund Investments.
- Tax-favored investments.
- Due Diligence – Legal Audit.
- Assisting and drafting contracts in general

As time goes by, the use of modern technology as means of communication, telecommunications, broadcasting and media, becomes even more sophisticated. Thus, our specialized lawyers are dedicated to cover all the aspects related to this new generation industry and assisting clients who are not focused exclusively on technology, to help them achieve technology-related goals. Our services include:

- Telecommunications and broadcasting regulatory matters.
- Satellite and interconnections services.
- Acquisition of media, broadcasting and telecommunications businesses.
- Applications for telecommunications and broadcasting services licenses.
- Licensing, copyright and other property rights in the media field.
- Electronic Commerce and Online Services.
- Digital Signature.
- Application and Registration of website pages.
- Drafting of the contracts related to software development, license and support.

Our recognized Tax Department provides advice in all aspects related to this dynamic discipline, since the tax planning of the most complex and important transactions to diagnosis of the tax status of an enterprise. Constantly, provide advice to clients on their cases before the tax authorities and conducting inquiries and sponsorship binding in the event of any administrative or judicial disputes. The specialty of our professionals focuses on the diverse tax issues: taxes on corporate dynamic evacuation consultations, national and international tax planning, charges affecting the financial and general tax advice, covering the following practices:

- Tax planning and structuring.
- Tax audits.
- Representation of clients before the Paraguayan tax and judicial authorities.
- Tax incentives; Maquiladora Regime.
- General tax and customs law advise.
- Import Regime.
- Export Regime.
- Tariff classfication of goods.
- Valuation of Goods.
- Double taxation treaties.

There has been a rise of construction and real estate investment in our country contributing to our current economic growth. As legal advisors, we are in the forefront of breaking developments in the real estate arena and are well equipped to anticipate changes in real estate development and finance that may affect our clients’ businesses. We provide comprehensive advice in structuring the corporate, regulatory and tax planning of projects. We actively assist in the acquisition, development, construction, financing, sale and leasing of real estate properties. Our services include:

- Acquisition, sales and lease of industrial, commercials, offices, hotels and residential property.
- Sale & Lease back Operations.
- Sale of Properties in constructions and forward-funding.
- Development Agreement.
- Real Estate Finance.
- Legal Audit of Real Estate.
- Contracts related to Construction.
- Urban Planning and Zoning.
- Investment of Trust Funds.

Our global perspective enables us to provide valued legal advice in all types of international operations and transactions, where risk assessment and strategic planning are fundamental aspects. We have particular experience representing international and local clients doing business abroad or in Paraguay, assisting in the entire scope of the transaction. Our services include:

- Negotiation and Drafting International Contracts.
- Representation of buyers and sellers in international sales transactions.
- Credit facilities, bank remittances and other international payments systems.
- Finance of international transactions.
- Guarantees for International Collection.
- Export Credit Insurance.
- Advice concerning the application of international treaties, conventions and agreements.
- Representation in the arbitration and mediation of international commercial disputes.
- Representation in administrative and judicial procedures.

Our substantively knowledgeable and responsive Labor Department manages several significant labor and employment engagements including hiring and dismissal strategies, individual and collective employment, senior management arrangements, labor relations and processes restructuration. Furthermore, we regularly handle complex litigation matters involving hard-hitting issues, social security, and all aspects related to human resources. Our services include:

- Labor organization process.
- Preventive legal advisory.
- Individual and collective labor contracts.
- Representation in individual and collective labor dispute resolution.
- Winding up of operations and labor contracts termination.
- Contracts for top management.
- Work place safety issues.
- Labor related litigation.
- Labor audit.
- Inmigration procedure.
- Organization of the Human Resources Department.
- Issues related to occupational health and employee health.
- Drafting the Internal Policies and obtaining the approval of the same before the Administrative Authority.

With a focused knowledge of and active participation in the industry, our specialized professionals offer comprehensive legal services of the highest quality in all matters related to the maritime and air industries.

- Contracts related to Charters, Sales and Mortgage.
- Contracts of constructions of vessels, liability of the shipyard and constructors.
- Damage, Collisions and Claims regarding the shipment.
- Registration of the aircrafts and ships.
- Aircrafts and Ships Embargo.
- Rescue, Boardings, Severe Damage, Shipwreck and Abandoment.
- Construction, finance and acquisition of Ships.
- Contracts related to the use and exploitation of the ships.
- Navigation Accidents.
- Maritime Insurance.
- Mergers and Acquisition of the entity related to the maritime and air industry.
- Ports: terminals, port services, regulatory, finance and operation.
- International Sale.
- Touristic Law.
- Maritime Fishing.
- Labor and Tax Law related to the maritime and air business.
- Restructuring and insolvency of the Shipping and Air Companies.

Our criminal defense and investigations lawyers continue to play a leading role in many of the major enforcement investigations or proceedings involving prominent individuals and corporations since a single incident may start a criminal process and thus, affect the business and company’s rights as well as individual rights. We conduct sensitive and high-profile internal investigations for corporate clients and advise clients about proactively addressing industry and client-based probes to mitigate reputational, brand, and litigation risk.

- Crime against heritage, property, social-economic order.
- Crimes against Public Administration and against Justice Administration (prevarication, anti-bribery and corruption).
- Crimes against work safety and health.
- Environment Crimes.
- Offences against privacy and own image.
- Crimes against the honor.
- Forgery of documents.
- Crimes against Intellectual and Industrial Property.
- Money Laundering.
- Crimes against consumers and the market.

Franchisors as well as franchisees require knowledgeable guidance to ensure that the business opportunity is the right them. Our years of experience intervening in transactional and franchise litigation, enables us to ensure strategic advice in the planning and development of the distribution arrangement. We actively assist in handling disputes that arise in the termination of the business relationship. Our commercial advice and timely assistance has attained the trust and fidelity of our local and international clients. We provide counsel in all matters related to free and fair competition and consumer protection through the evaluation of the anticompetitive agreements and practice of unfair competition. We have participated and contributed in the draft of our current Competition Law, enabling us to provide deep analysis in the regulatory framework. We provide the following services:

- Advisory and legal design of distribution systems and national and international franchise.
- Negotiation and drafting of the contracts of distribution and agency.
- Negotiation and drafting of contracts related to Master Franchise, Franchise and Joint-Ventures.
- Advisory and Legal Evaluation of the System as well as the product and/or services and the franchisees system.
- Legal Audit of the elaboration of the operational manuals and the Development of the franchisees.
- Advisory related to selective and full distribution.
- Protection of commercial secrets and commercial trademarks of the franchisor.
- Advisory related licenses.
- Retail Commerce and Consumer Protection.
- Representation of clients related to interpretation, resolution and enforcement of the rights and obligations established in the franchise contract.
- Representation of clients related to claims for the resolution of the distribution contracts, concessions and agency in regards to the non-compliance of the obligations of non-competitivity.

We understand the importance of having trust and professionalism to handle delicate matters related to Families Business. Therefore, we provide a deep and thorough advisory offering the best tools for the complete organization of a family business in a successfully term and time bearing in mind the constant growth. We offer a service that allow us to perform an analysis, plan and organization of the family business so we can guide each process involved with the family and commercial assets planning as inheritance rights, companies’ structuration and tax matters.

- Establishing Corporation, Holding of Companies and Funds.
- Inheritance process planning.
- Evaluation of the properties.
- Probate Process.
- Articles of Association.
- Legal aspects of the family’s protocol.
- Advisory and execution of the acquisition process and sales of Families Business.
- Family Guidance.
- Management related to the modification of the organization.
- Administration Consultancy.
- Professionals non relatives.
- Implementation of the family and business strategy with the professionalism process.

Considering the family is the bedrock of our society, we handle these cases with the necessary sensitivity and expertise that this delicate practice requires. Our clients not only find in our lawyers highly qualified professionals but also human beings capable of providing guidance and support in every important decision they take.

- Marriage Contract.
- Ecclesiastical Marriage annulment.
- Mutual Agreement or Controversial Divorces.
- Facto Marital Unions.
- Liquidation of the conjugal or patrimonial society.
- Legal Separation.
- Maintenance Orders between spouses and/or minors.
- Custody Process.
- Relationship Arrangements.
- Adoption.
- International Restitution of Minors.

Our extensive experience and our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to provides comprehensive and seamless advice in all aspects of restructurings, workouts and insolvency matters, taking in all legal disciplines and business sectors, so as to secure real and satisfactory commercial outcomes in testing times. We regularly act on the implementation of both formal and informal adjustment plans with the key aim of covering every need of our client and their business. We actively assist in insolvency litigation, acting for insolvency practitioners and creditors in recovering funds through the use of corporate and insolvency legislation. Also, we design strategies to reduce the legal risks in acquisitions of assets, orienting the growth of the operative or financial business. Our services include:

- Business restructuring.
- Pre-insolvency situations and insolvency processes.
- Preventive Advisory from a legal, tax and labor perspective.
- Debt recovery.
- Viability plans and refinancing agreements; credit protection and Deferrals of Debts.
- Bankruptcy Procedure.
- Assistance in negotiations with the creditors, including if necessary, the management of judicial procedures.
- Directors and Managers Liability.

We are highly recognized by our extensive experience advising owners, developers and industrial managers of hotels and game of chance. Our services start from the corporative, regulatory and tax structure of the tourism and entertainment projects up to the attention of daily needs of our clients. Also, we participate in public tenders and concessions related to public projects, as well as in obtaining permits, licenses and authorizations. We advise our clients in collaboration of each and every one of our specialized lawyers in labor, tax, environment matters and dispute settlements.

Today, investing in Paraguay can result in a very profitable business, however, it is always recommended to do so accompanied by recognized and trustworthy experts such as the specialized lawyers working at Olmedo Attorneys at Law. This situation is primarily based upon our country’s favorable tax regime and specific encouraging policies to foreign investment which allowed us to become an attractive destination for investments. We have assisted numerous foreign companies and business owners in their investment projects in our country. We are aware of the difficulties and obstacles that may arise in each industry, thus, we offer practical advice to our client to choose the most suitable legal structure, according to the nature of their investment. Our multidisciplinary structure, alongside with the quality and experience of our professionals, leave this practice ideally placed to provide the most efficient solutions that the present business climate requires.

Our Litigation Department is considered one of the most prestigious and acclaimed in the legal services market. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to defend our clients’ interests on the most critical litigation issues, avoid potential disputes or ensure the most efficient defense, in case of dispute. We have achieved a remarkable reputation due to the settlement of complex controversies in civil, commercial, criminal, labor and tax cases throughout the country.

- Damages related to Liability.
- Conflicts over the competence of the national and international courtrooms.
- Enforcement of Foreign Decisions and Arbitration Award.
- Representation of national and international clients in judicial procedures involving civil, commercial, labor, criminal and family matters.
- Representation of national and international clients in judicial procedures involving intellectual and industrial property.
- Dispute Settlement.
- Participation in international arbitration and in national arbitrations as arbitrator, lawyer or expert.
- Conflicts arising from international sales and international commercial arbitration.

Agriculture and livestock industries play a predominant role in our economy and, in the past years, advances in this field have radically reshaped the nature of Paraguayan agribusiness. Thus, our solid team of lawyers understands the challenges confronting agribusiness enterprises, providing comprehensive advice in all related matters, including acquisitions and disposals, regulatory regimes, corporate structure, managed investment schemes, tax and trade, employment and environment. We have extensive experience assisting local and international clients in the development and management of their agribusiness projects. Our professionals provide legal counsel and representation to a full spectrum of production and processing ventures in the grain, livestock, and farming industries:

- Process related to the capital’s opening.
- Agricultural Trust Funds.
- Agricultural Real Estate.
- Real Estate agropecuario.
- Estructuring the process for the sale of the agricultural farms.
- Environment Matters. Regulatory issues related to the use of water, air and land.
- Non tradicional agricultural projects.
- Tax Matters. Reimburse of the tax credit.
- Authorization and license before the Local Authorities. Registration of the grains operators.
- National Regime for the Rural Employee.
- Agricultural Contracts.

Our IP Department understands the significant challenges a Company face protecting and enforcing their intellectual property around the world, and when those challenges are not successfully addressed, the business consequences can be enormous. Our professionals are recognized for their strong presence before the local authorities and deep knowledge of the matter offering the most suitable solution to every possible conflict. Our services include:

- Application and Registration of Trademarks.
- Application and Registration of Patents and Utility Models.
- Applications and Registration of Copyright, Models and Industrial Designs.
- Opposition procedure.
- Interim and precaution measures.
- License, Franchise and technology transfer agreements.
- Watching Service and Update of trademarks and patents.
- Advisory about the possibility of a trademark’s registration and the evaluation of the search’s results before the DINAPI (Local Public Authority of Intellectual Property).
- Trademark Audit and Due Diligence of Intellectual Property.
- Application and Registration before the Custom Authorities.
- Application and Registration before the Health Service Authorities.
- • Judicial actions in order to protect the intellectual rights, dispute settlements and administrative actions against the decisions of the Authorities that may affect the client’s right.

As pioneers advising local and international insurance and reinsurance companies, we clearly understand that the insurance companies and other members of the financial and insurance system, face a broad and complex regulatory framework. Thus, our professionals provide specialized and comprehensive advice on all matters related with the insurance industry, from a legal and commercial standpoint, bringing real added value to our clients. Our services include:

- Acquisitions, sale, mergers and spin offs of insurance and reinsurance entities.
- Acquisition, sales, mergers of insurances agents.
- Acquisition, sales, mergers of the companies managing pension funds.
- Joint-venture Agreements and Structure of Insurance Bank (banca-seguros).
- Operations of the insurances assignments.
- Regulatory matters related to corporate transactions.
- Drafting of insurance contracts: Life, Accidents, SicknessHealth, Transport, Industrial, Civil and Maritime Liability, etc.
- Reinsurance Contract.
- Distribution Contract (Agents, Brokers and collaboration).
- Regulatory: Authorization procedures, intervention, inspections and speeding up the files, establishment rights and free provision of services.
- Litigation related to insurance contract.